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  • Eco Friendly Womens Razors - The Sustainable Way to Shave - Aphrodite Razors

    Safety razors are a tried and verified zero-waste tool for anyone and has proven to be essential for achieving eco-friendly shaves.
  • Shaving Shouldn't Cost the Ocean

    Aphrodite Razors is a UK based, eco friendly, razor subscription brand passionate about providing a sophisticated and sustainable alternative to the widely used and heavily disposed of plastic razor. Founded in May 2020 by Dan and Emma, Aphrodite Razors are driven to help women experience a better shave for both them and the planet.
  • My first shave with a safety razor...

    Okay, my first feelings when I looked at the safety razor were definitely a mixed bag of emotions. Yes, I'll admit that I did find that single-blade razor looked slightly intimidating, and I was definitely more than slightly nervous to use it. But on the flip side, it looked beautiful, antiquated and interesting which heightened my curiosity to get shaving.