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  • Introducing Aphrodite Razor's New Shaving Soaps

    Our beautiful and luxurious new shaving soaps are about to change the shaving game!

    Our shaving bars has been lovingly made in the UK with high-quality oils and butters (including Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil) to give you a comfortable shave, leaving you clean, smooth and intensely moisturised. The formulation is designed to create a generous lather to reduce nicks and cuts whilst nourishing the skin for your most effortless shave.

  • Sublime Magazine kindly featured Aphrodite Razors, our sustainable razor brand, in their Planet Positive Brand feature... here's what they had to say. "A brand born out of the determination to help women make eco-friendly lifestyle choices, the work of Aphrodite Razors means that beauty regimes d...
  • Eco Friendly Womens Razors - The Sustainable Way to Shave - Aphrodite Razors

    Safety razors are a tried and verified zero-waste tool for anyone and has proven to be essential for achieving eco-friendly shaves.
  • Shaving Shouldn't Cost the Ocean

    Aphrodite Razors is a UK based, eco friendly, razor subscription brand passionate about providing a sophisticated and sustainable alternative to the widely used and heavily disposed of plastic razor. Founded in May 2020 by Dan and Emma, Aphrodite Razors are driven to help women experience a better shave for both them and the planet.
  • My first shave with a safety razor...

    Okay, my first feelings when I looked at the safety razor were definitely a mixed bag of emotions. Yes, I'll admit that I did find that single-blade razor looked slightly intimidating, and I was definitely more than slightly nervous to use it. But on the flip side, it looked beautiful, antiquated and interesting which heightened my curiosity to get shaving.