Introducing Aphrodite Razor's New Shaving Soaps

Our beautiful and luxurious new shaving soaps are about to change the shaving game!

Our shaving bars has been lovingly made in the UK with high-quality oils and butters (including Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil) to give you a comfortable shave, leaving you clean, smooth and intensely moisturised. The formulation is designed to create a generous lather to reduce nicks and cuts whilst nourishing the skin for your most effortless shave.

Each bar is hand swirled and hand-cut meaning it is completely unique and has a hemp rope attached so the soap may be drained on a soap dish or hung out of the way of the water. The hemp rope is sourced from within the UK from another small business, with each piece of rope hand tied.

The rope allows you to shave effortlessly with both hands, simply let it hang from your wrist when not in use - you don't have to worry about it slipping from your hand or getting lost in the shower!

Our Ingredients:

It was so important to have only the best quality ingredients used in the making of our soap. We use absolutely no palm oil and all product are fragranced naturally with essential oils.

Our bars are made of a blend of cocoa butter and several plant oils, including olive oil, almond oil, castor oil and coconut oil for an intense boost of moisture.

The bars are also enriched with oats and clay so provide a gentle exfoliation while detoxifying and soothing the skin.

Our soaps are also all vegan, cruelty free and completely plastic free.

Our Scents:

Pick from the following scents:

 Lemon & Poppy Seed - a yellow and cream swirled soap with poppy seeds scattered through with a  scent comprised of sweet top notes of fruity lemongrass, mellowed by fresh lemon.

Rose & Lavender - a pink and white swirled soap with a scent comprised of exotic but earthly tones of grapefruit, partnered with a floral calming tone of wild lavender and perfectly carried by sweet and fresh overtones of rose.

Sweet Orange & Lemongrass - a dark pink and orange swirled soap with a scent comprised of a musky citrus base with sweet tones of orange and lemongrass.

Tea Tree & Eucalyptus - a black and white swirled soap with a scent comprised of cooling eucalyptus and fresh tea tree.


If you can't pick, try out our shaving soap sample set that has sample sizes of all of our soaps as well as a Limited Edition Christmas scent, Mulled Wine!