Planet Positive Brand, by Sublime Magazine

Sublime Magazine kindly featured Aphrodite Razors, our sustainable razor brand, in their Planet Positive Brand feature... here's what they had to say.

"A brand born out of the determination to help women make eco-friendly lifestyle choices, the work of Aphrodite Razors means that beauty regimes don’t have to impact the beauty of the planet.

Entrepreneurs Emma and Dan were drawn to the overlooked statistics on plastic-containing razor usage and noticed that there was an opportunity to encourage women to make a difference by changing the way they shave. In 2019, over five million people in the UK alone were using disposable razors, with over 13 million using plastic-containing cartridge razors. These are pretty big numbers, and when multiplied by the number of disposables are thrown away daily, that’s a lot of single-use plastic to wrap your head around.

Aphrodite Razors is the UK’s first 100 percent plastic-free razor subscription service specifically for women. The sophisticated razors look better than disposables, but also offer a more luxurious shave without contributing to plastic production and, ultimately, pollution.

As well as being a plastic-free brand, Aphrodite Razors advocate zero-waste living, with the blades and packaging being easily recyclable. To further contribute to giving back to the planet, the brand works closely with sustainability charity One Tree at A Time, and plants a tree with every order. The brand is ambitious to make plastic-free shaving the everyday way and to inspire women to seek new, sustainable practices to incorporate into their beauty regimes."