Assembling and Using Your Aphrodite Razor: 

1) How to Assemble Your Aphrodite Razor...

Twist the handle to unscrew the head. Remove the plates and separate them. Place the blade in the top plate then replace the bottom plate (so the blade is sandwiched in the middle). When assembled correctly, you'll see the ribbed lines facing upward. Reattach and screw in the handle, making sure it's tight! 

Watch this video demonstration to see it in action:

2) Silky smooth legs? Let's see how... 

Whenever you use your Aphrodite Razor make sure you're properly prepped for pampering. Exfoliate your skin first and then apply a layer of shaving balm or soap. This acts as a lubricant for your razor to glide over. Without it, you won't get the same silky smooth shaving experience.

Aphrodite Razors are weighted to apply all the pressure you need for a silky smooth shave. So our number one rule when using our razor is "please don't add any pressure." Adding pressure increases your chances of cuts and grazes. Shave using short, smooth strokes. Any areas where the skin is loose, pull it tight.

Be delicate over bony areas like shins, kneecaps, and ankles. Ease up on the pressure. Add more soap or shaving balm to those areas and go over them slowly and with super short strokes. 

Control the angle of the blade as you shave, keep the angle at about 30 degrees relative to your skin. 

3) Underarms have never felt better...

Keep your arm nice and high when shaving your glorious pits with an Aphrodite Razor. Our number one rule applies here too, no added pressure, or be prepared for cuts and irritation. Don't say we didn't warn you. 

Your underarm hairs grown in a few directions. Make sure you've applied shaving balm or soap before you move your razor up, down and across to get a close shave.

3) Let's get bikini ready...

Keeping that rule about no added pressure in mind, irritation-free shaving along the bikini line is as simple as holding the skin tight (for a closer shave). Your hair grows in different directions along your bikini line so you might have to shave in a few different directions to get them all. If your skin is extra sensitive, shave in the direction of the hair growth rather than against it. 

4) Shaving complete. 

We recommend changing your blades every 3-5 shaves to minimize irritation and keep your shaves as silky smooth as possible.

You'll need to check with your local authority on what can be recycled in your area, but most places in the UK will make it easy to recycle your safety razor blades. Once you've collected them up, you can take them to your local recycling centre and put them into the scrap metal container.