Decided to ditch the plastic but aren't sure how to get started? Well, look no further - we've got you!

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How to Assemble Your Aphrodite Razor

1) Twist the handle to unscrew the head, then remove both plates and separate them.

2) Unwrap a brand new blade, being careful to hold it by the short side so as not to cut yourself.

3) Place the blade in the top plate then replace the bottom plate (so the blade is sandwiched in the middle). When assembled correctly, you'll see the ribbed lines facing upward.

4) Reattach and screw in the handle, making sure it's tight. Now you're ready to go!


Top Tips

If you're used to shaving with a plastic razor and aren't sure about the best technique when using a safety razor, my top two tips are:

1) Use absolutely NO pressure. Safety razors are much heavier than plastic razors, so you need to let the weight of the razor do the work for you as you glide it across the skin. Pressing into the skin with any pressure will increase your chances of cuts and grazes. 

2) Position the razor at a 30 degree to the skin. Safety razors don't have pivoting heads like their plastic counterparts so you need to control the angle yourself. This may sound difficult but it's honestly the most natural way to hold and use the razor when you're shaving with it.


To Shave

1) To get your best shave possible, I'd recommend exfoliating the area you're shaving beforehand to remove dead skin cells, oil, and dirt and stop them gunking up your razor. You can use your favourite body scrub, a loofah, or a body brush. I recommend our 100% natural Rose & Cardamom Body Scrub. It will help slough off dead skin cells and help you get a closer shave while being gentle on your skin with no artificial fragrances or nasty chemicals.

2) Making sure your skin is damp, apply a layer of shaving soap or balm. This acts as a lubricant for your razor to glide over. Without it, you won't get the same silky smooth shaving experience and it will increase your chances of nicks and cuts. I recommend using one of our Vegan Shaving Soaps. It will leave a thick layer of lather on your skin to let your razor glide easily, while its many oils and butters hydrate your skin. Our soap on a rope can then be hung up to avoid it getting gunky on a soap dish, meaning it will last much longer than other shaving soaps!

3) Start shaving using short, smooth strokes. Any areas where the skin is particularly loose, gently pull it tighter. Be delicate over bony areas like shins, kneecaps, and ankles. Make sure you're using zero pressure. Add more shaving soap or balm to those areas and go over them slowly and with super short strokes. 

4) When you're done, rinse your skin thoroughly and then pat dry to avoid any irritation. I'd recommend changing your blades every 3-5 shaves to minimize irritation and keep your shaves as silky smooth as possible. Make sure to store your razor outside of the shower or bath to maximise its longevity.


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