Smoother shaves, cleaner planet.

Upgrade your shaves with the ultimate eco-friendly bathroom accessory.

What other eco-goddesses have to say...

  • "This is a totally different experience and genuinely, the smoothest shave and I’m not impacting the planet - and the razors come monthly without me having to do a thing and the razor itself is beautiful!"

    Bianca, 2020

  • "Honestly a game changer. The smoothest shave I've ever had. Also a really nice looking razor!"

    ELLE, 2020

  • "Super impressed with how good this razor is, so much better than I expected from a razor. It's really weighted and feels expensive and luxurious."

    sarah, 2020

It's time to put the best shaves forward, for your sake and the futures sake.

Kind to your skin.

The single-blade and weighted handle provide the perfect system for you to effortlessly achieve your smoothest ever shaves, with no nasty razor bumps, itches or rashes.

Better for the planet.

Our razors are plastic-free, with easily recyclable blades, and come in fully recyclable packaging, providing the ultimate zero-waste shaving experience.

Plastic free razors are better for the planet. By shaving with an Aphrodite Razor, you are reducing our plastic pollution footprint. Aphrodite Razors provide luxury plastic-free razors.

Better for the bunnies.

Aphrodite Razors are made for human fur not animal fur. Our products are, and always will be, animal cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Better for your bank.

Our luxury razors are made to last and come with a lifetime guarantee. We'll conveniently deliver blades to your door, all for less than the high street cost of cartridge razors.

Our fancy eco-friendly razors are award winning.

Why we take a stand and say NO to plastic!

Only 9% of plastic ever made has been recycled.

Disposable razors contribute to the billions of tonnes of plastic waste that is polluting our beautiful planet. As many as 51 trillion micro-plastic particles, 500 times more than the stars in our galaxy, litter our oceans and seas, threatening marine wildlife. Join us and take a stand against plastic with our zero-waste and plastic-free designer razors.

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