Aphrodite Razors are a new designer razor brand here to revolutionise the way women shave. The brand provide a stylish and sophisticated eco-friendly alternative to the widely used and heavily disposed of plastic containing razors. Founded in 2020, Aphrodite Razors are determined to help women experience shaves that are better for both them and the planet.

"We started Aphrodite Razors because we want to encourage women to reduce their daily plastic use and waste! The beauty industry is responsible for billions of tonnes of plastic waste on a yearly basis and widely used disposable plastic razors and razor heads contribute to this waste. What is becoming more and more obvious is how detrimental plastic is to our planet's health and ultimately our own. We provide a razor that’s both beautiful in design and plastic-free to help women make a simple and effective switch to their standard disposable and cartridge razors and to cut down on their plastic-use." 


Confession: safety razors aren't actually the all-new shiny razor we've been looking for. They're been around for years and years. We’ve given these old school designs a new lease of life with our stylish branding and slender razor shape that’s not just feminine but easy to hold. Our razors are designed to keep your skin smooth, whilst being much better for the planet.

We've been marketed into buying and re-buying plastic razor products because of their cheapness and higher profit margins. Whether it's a disposable razor or a cartridge-head system, their short lifetime leads them into the bin by the billions each year. We want to do better than this. That’s why our razors are 100% plastic-free and our blades are easily recyclable.

It's no secret that disposable razors were never designed to last. They are built out of cheap and nasty polluting materials that do no wonders for your skin. These multi-blade systems actually cause more irritation due to the drag they cause over your skin. So the real fix to soft smooth skin, free from razor burns is to not use these multiple-blade razor systems at all. Our single-blade safety razors are much better for your skin because the weighted handle and sharp blade glides over your skin, with no drag, for an effortlessly smooth, irritation free shave.


We want to encourage women to do better by providing a better shaving experience, that’s better for your skin whilst being better for the planet. A better beauty experience that keeps the planet beautiful too.

Safety razors were traditionally used by men, but women can really benefit from their smoother and kinder results. That’s why we designed Aphrodite Razors. Aphrodite means beauty, and we're determined to help women feel beautiful in a better way with our elegant and feminine safety razor design.

"We're passionate about making it easy and appealing to make the switch and really give shaving with a safety razor a go. The more women we can inspire to shave with a safety razor, the more plastic is being saved overall, and the more beautiful our planet can remain."