My first shave with a safety razor...

Okay, my first feelings when I looked at the safety razor were definitely a mixed bag of emotions. Yes, I'll admit that I did find that single-blade razor looked slightly intimidating, and I was definitely more than slightly nervous to use it. But on the flip side, it looked beautiful, antiquated and interesting which heightened my curiosity to get shaving. 

Looking back, the nervousness made me approach this new shaving experience with care and caution; something that should be embraced and I would 100% encourage when first using a safety razor. Working from top to bottom, applying minimal pressure, I was took my first "gliding" motion up my soap lathered leg. Success. And with less drag and less irritation too. 

My relationship with my new safety razor only developed more as I continued this almost ritual feeling process. I had never felt this good when shaving before. The new feel, the new weight and the new effortless technique added to the joy of the experience.

One things for sure, I will never go back to a cartridge or multi-bladed razor. And here's why:

You get the closest and smoothest shave: That sharp blade is flush against your skin. So, with the anxious hesitation and care mentioned above, you'll be sure to master the art, you’ll never look back. 

No more irritation and itchy shaving rash: Let's face it, we've been lied too. Razors advertising 3-6 razors in a single cartridge claiming they provide an irritation free shave are simply not telling the truth. The safety razor leads the way when it comes to friction free shaving. With its single blade, there is less dragging across your skin and less chance of nicks and grazes. All in all, a safer and more pleasant shaving experience. 

Better for thicker hair: We're all different levels of hairiness and grow hair with varying thicknesses all over our bodies. If you have thicker hair, then a safety razor is the perfect fix for clogged up razor heads you've been putting up with. And if you replace the blade after each use, it’ll never give you a dull shave.

Save money with cheaper replacement blades: Replacement blades are soooo much cheaper than your multi-blade heads. So you can invest in your safety razor and then save it all back again over time. Aphrodite Razors razor subscription service is a great way to keep on top of replacing your blades frequently. 

You become immersed and in the zone: Shaving with a safety razor requires a bit more attention and precision that a standard razor. But this puts you in more control and makes it a more personable process. You have to take it stroke by stroke, paying careful attention to pressure and the angle of your shave. Take your time and make it the beautifying ceremony you deserve. 

Plastic is out of fashion: The foundations of Aphrodite Razor are based on eliminating plastic from the shaving experience. So the fact that a safety razor is a 100% plastic free razor is the cherry on the cake. 

You're definitely convinced now... and if not, try it for yourself by subscribing to an Aphrodite Razor. I'd love to hear your feedback. You can reach me on my email, 

Thanks for reading!


Co-Founder and Marketing Director @ Aphrodite Razors