Shaving Shouldn't Cost the Ocean

Introducing the UK’s first 100% plastic free, eco friendly women's razor subscription. Because smooth legs shouldn’t cost the ocean.

Aphrodite Razors is a UK based, eco friendly, razor subscription brand passionate about providing a sophisticated and sustainable alternative to the widely used and heavily disposed of plastic razor. Founded in May 2020 by Dan and Emma, Aphrodite Razors are driven to help women experience a better shave for both them and the planet.

How it all started?

Following your best eco-friendly lifestyle can be difficult. It’s fair to say that plastic has taken over the world. Have you noticed it’s almost everywhere you look? Plastic is an environmental disaster, and its detrimental effects are announced every other day. 

An article published by the Independent in May 2020 really caught our attention. They reported a shocking statistic that approximately 5.5. million people in the UK used disposable razors in 2018. Not only that, but the combination of materials used weren’t and still aren’t recyclable, adding to what we believe will have been well over 100 million razor units ending up in landfill that year. Not to mention the added plastic packaging. The beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging every year and is the number one contributor to plastic production in the world and the main offender for plastic waste pollution.

After seeing all this we felt there was a need for a big change and we were determined to help drive this. We wanted to produce a razor that inspired women to make a sustainable choice, without having to compromise on aesthetic or price. Our elegantly designed safety razors are a solution to this, providing a better shaving experience without using any plastic at all. 

Safety razors were traditionally used by men, but women can really benefit from using our sophisticated razor design. It’s widely reviewed that safety razors result in a smoother shave and our customers agree. Our subscribers also commented on how our beautiful and feminine design looks better than other razors. Safety Razors are more cost effective than other types of razors, with replaceable blades being cheaper than cartridge heads (we’re the lowest costing razor subscription service available for women in the UK). 

By choosing to make the switch from plastic containing razors to a life lasting Aphrodite safety razor, with the added benefit of a convenient blade replacement subscription service, women will be able to achieve smoother shaves, whilst contributing to reducing their plastic pollution footprint. 

That’s why our razors don’t just look better, they do better!

“We’re passionate about making it easy and appealing to make the switch and really give shaving with a safety razor a go. The more women we can inspire to shave with a safety razor, the more plastic is being saved overall, and the more beautiful our planet can remain.”