Aphrodite Razors are elegantly designed with your skin and the planet in mind. The delicately weighted metal razor handle, combined with the single-blade, enable you to achieve the smoothest and closest shaves possible, whilst having a luxury and effortless shaving experience.

Have a better shave by starting your Aphrodite Razor subscription now with an Aphrodite Razor Starter Box including:
- Your eco-friendly Aphrodite Razor (with lifetime guarantee)
- Your first box of five shaving blades
How it works:
- Sign up today by choosing your favourite eco-friendly Aphrodite Razor colour.
- Continue your subscription and receive your box of five Aphrodite blades for £4.90 at your choice of monthly interval, with free UK delivery. 
- Change your blade every 3-5 shaves for the smoothest shaving experience.
Aphrodite Razors help you do beauty in a better way:
- 100% plastic free, eco-friendly razors that are more stylish, durable and longer lasting than plastic containing razors.
- Shaving with a single blade provides a much closer and smoother shave, without causing skin irritation or razor bumps. A much better result for you and your skin.
- The beauty industry produces the largest amount of plastic packaging by industry. We don't contribute to this problem. Our packaging is and always will be plastic free and fully recyclable.
- Nothing is wasted with an Aphrodite Razor. You can easily recycle your used blades.
- For every razor sold, Aphrodite Razors will plant a tree with One Tree at a Time. 
Partnered with:
- Made from quality zinc for long lasting rust free durability.
- Delivered in plastic free, recyclable packaging.
- Stainless steel, recyclable blades, which you can recycle at your local metal recycling point.
- Aphrodite Razors come with a lifetime guarantee. This means that if your razor breaks or becomes faulty, we'll replace it, free of charge.